Aryanna & Doug

Columbia, South Carolina at South Carolina Lace House

Aryanna and Doug executed the most lovely intimate day to celebrate their union. With a focus on gorgeous decor and their loved ones, Aryanna and Doug incorporated their love for color into each detail of their day. They invited their closest family members to join in a unique seat reception design that encouraged community amongst the celebration.

The couple’s attention to detail throughout their planning process resulted in a stunning wedding celebration featured in print in The Knot in 2021. Their giddy love, beaming smiles, and happy tears each fine themselves within the legacy of their wedding photographs.

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“ Jessica has a way of bringing out your most authentic self, which translates into the best kinds of photos.

She will hype you up and make you feel like you're the most beautiful/handsome person in the world! She is professional, detailed, communicative, funny, fun, kind and genuine. Jessica did an amazing job with both our engagement photos and wedding photos, and I couldn't recommend her more!


starts with feeling at ease.

Jessica brings a joyful and soothing presence to every event. She will work collaboratively with your creative team and wedding planner to reduce stress so you can enjoy every incredible moment. 

The gorgeous, genuine photographs she'll capture will be a living reflection of your emotions and memories on your wedding day.

Timeless, evocative

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